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Re: Configure wireless by hand

Gordon Charrick wrote:
> I've got a little netbook and I've put a copy of Fedora 10 on a USB
> stick. If I boot up using runlevel 5, I can use the wireless via
> NetworkManager. These netbooks don't have the speediest processors so
> I'd like to use runlevel 3 most of the time. I haven't been able to get
> the wireless to work that way. How can I configure wireless by hand?
believe the default is to run the network service in run level 3,
and the NetworkManager service in run level 5. I am using the
network service on this machine, and I have "NM_CONTROLLED=no" in
the config file. I turned off NM in run level 5, and turned on
network. But I have heard that NM can now be configured to bring up
an interface at boot - if so, change things so that NM runs on run
level 3 as well, and turn off network.

Dumb question - does it work if you bring up the interface manually
in run level 3? (ifup wlan0 or ifup eth0) If so, you could add
"USERCTL=yes" to let a normal user bring it up and down.


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