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networking problem

I recently added a D-Link wireless router to a network in which
everything (except a new netbook computer) is connected by ethernet
cables. I also use static addresses. Here's the setup:

DSL modem --> Linksys router --> D-Link router --> wireless netbook
		    -----------> eternetted computers	

Using a browser on the netbook I can access configuration menus for both
routers, which seems to indicate that the wireless network was set up
correctly and that the cable between the two routers is working.

I cannot access the configuration menu of the DSL modem from the
netbook, although I can do this from any of the other computers.

Consistent with this, I cannot access the Internet from the netbook,
either with named or with IP addresses. 

If I connect the netbook to the Linksys router with an ethernet cable I
can access the Internet without problems.

In configuring the D-link modem I followed the instructions for
connecting to another router in the manual: disabling UPnP and DHCP and
changing the D-link's LAN address to an available address on my network.
I also used a LAN port on the D-link (not the Internet/WAN port) to
connect the D-link to the Linksys, as instructed.

Does anyone know why this isn't working?

If this problem is too off-topic for this group I would appreciate any
suggestions of where else to look.

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