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Re: networking problem

Frank Cox wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Jun 2009 14:40:57 -0700
> Gerhard Magnus wrote:
>> DSL modem --> Linksys router --> D-Link router --> wireless netbook
> It just occurs to me that your problem may be the network cable that you have
> connecting the two routers.  You need a "crossover" ethernet cable there, not a
> standard ethernet cable.  If you use a regular cable, the routers won't be able
> to see each other.
In reading what the OP wrote...he indicated that he was able to access
the configuration menus of both the D-Link and the Linksys from the
netbook, so a cable problem can be discounted....and he even said
exactly that.  :-) :-)

FWIW, most modern equipment are able to detect what type of
cable/connection has been made and will "auto configure" making
crossover cables unnecessary.

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