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you manually check the shasum answers against the text file to
insure the iso is correct before burning a cd or dvd.  there is no
automatic way to do this, correct?

Incorrect.  The sha256sum program can automatically check these for
you.  That's what the -c option does.  There are two basic modes of
operation for sha256sum.  When run without the -c option, the program
calculates the sha256 hash of a given file or files and prints those
hashes.  When run with the -c (or --check) option, the program will
read the contents of a file (which is the output of a previous
sha256sum) and check whether the hashes listed in the check sum file
match the files that are specified in that check sum file.

Take a look at the sha256sum man page for details (man sha256sum).

I interpret the above as ... sha256sum Fedora-xxx-xxx-CHecksum and the program looks for the iso and calculates the number and checks them with the checksum file for a match or no match? No? If so, this
doesn't work. It is the same answer as Steve Searle's and Doc Savage's.
I think more detail is needed.

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