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Re: networking problem

On Thu, 18 Jun 2009 17:22:22 -0700
Gerhard Magnus wrote:

> I was looking at crossover ethernet cables on the Web and noticed they
> were all fairly short -- 7' seemed about the maximum.
> Do they only work over such short distances?

They're the same as any other ethernet cable; the plugs on the end are wired in
a different order.

> Is yellow their standard color? (I may have one lying around
> somewhere...

Any that I've needed, I've made.  So the one behind me here is grey.

They aren't used all that much these days, but the most common place I've seen
crossover ethernet cables used is when you have two (usually Windows) computers
and no router or switch, and you want to hook them together to play a networked
game.  A crossover cable allows you to simply hook their network cards together.

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