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Re: Unable to boot cloned disk

On 18 Jun 2009 at 19:56, Markus Kesaromous wrote:

> On my workstation, with FC9, I attached a second drive, identical to the linux 
> boot drive.
> Both drives are SATA.
> The linux boot drive is a dual boot of windows XP and FC9.
> In single user mode, I cloned sda to sdb
> dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=32M
> I shut down and remove the second drive and insert it into
> another workstation.
> Booting the second workstation fails because it cannot find
> /dev/root, among other things, and the kernel panics.
> Repeating the cloning does not seem to have any effect.
> This effectively says that an OEM cannot have a master disk to 
> clone disks off of it for use in other machines.

What are the differences between the two machine? Do they have the same 
Have you checked if putting the cloned drive in the original machine as sda 
works? That would confirm the clone process worked? If it fails you clone 
process failed. 

Are you 100% sure the sdb disk is as large are larger?
How did you run the dd command? Did you boot from a live cd or what?
Did you use a clone program like g4u, g4l, clonezilla?

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