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Re: RedHat PDC Setup Instructions...

On Sun, Jun 07, 2009 at 06:34:42AM -0400, Lupo, Kelly wrote:
>    I was wondering if there were any RedHat (preferably RHEL or CentOS)
>    docs regarding the setup of a Linux PDC.  I know there's a lot of
>    "here's how to configure Samba / LDAP / etc", but I was really looking
>    for a step by step guide (with or without pretty pictures) on what to
>    install straight from the beginning...  I only found one such thing,
>    but it was for Ubuntu.  :(

Describe what you want to do.

In general RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu the answer will
be the same.  A web search for "Linux PDC" finds some old links that tell
me that the documentation in the packages is good enough that folks that
read it just get it.   

Look at the below packages, in specific look at the man pages and html documents.
I think samba-doc would be a good start. Also look at "rpm -ql" for each package and
look at the documents and html files....

Looking at "rpm -ql samba" I see files in /usr/share/doc/samba-3.2.11/

php-pear-Auth-samba.noarch              1.6.1-8.fc10                   fedora   
samba-client.x86_64                     3.2.11-0.30.fc10               installed
samba-common.i386                       3.2.11-0.30.fc10               updates  
samba-common.x86_64                     3.2.11-0.30.fc10               installed
samba-doc.x86_64                        3.2.11-0.30.fc10               updates  
samba-domainjoin-gui.x86_64             3.2.11-0.30.fc10               updates  
samba-swat.x86_64                       3.2.11-0.30.fc10               updates  
samba-winbind-devel.i386                3.2.11-0.30.fc10               updates  
samba-winbind-devel.x86_64              3.2.11-0.30.fc10               updates  
samba-winbind.i386                      3.2.11-0.30.fc10               updates  
samba-winbind.x86_64                    3.2.11-0.30.fc10               installed
samba.x86_64                            3.2.11-0.30.fc10               updates  
system-config-samba.noarch              1.2.76-1.fc10                  updates  

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