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Re: F11 moans

On 06/16/2009 06:41 AM, William Murray wrote:

c) kerneloops
Always seems to be running on boot up. It consume 100% of a cpu core
for 10 -20 minutes before popping up a notification.
This may be due to LOTS of these messages:
Jun 16 15:34:07 hepntl141 kernel: [drm:drm_wait_vblank] *ERROR* failed
to acquire vblank counter, -22

CPU time and memory use appear to be tied to the size of /var/log/messages. This really sucked for me when I turned on NFS debugging (my F11 workstation's NFS mounted /home keeps hanging) and I ended up with several GB of logs. It looked like kerneloops loaded all of its contents into RAM. IIRC, that problem went away when I forced the rotation of my logs.

e) virtual machines steal the sound. If I run a vm, then the host has no
access to
the speaker any more.

From Virtual Machine Manager, double click on your VM. Click on the "Details" tab, select "Sound: ..." and then click the "Remove" button in the lower right. This isn't a regression, AFAIK. VMs have always had exclusive access to sound if you leave that device configured.

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