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Re: Change Machine, No Sound (longish)

On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 00:45:04 -0500
Mike McCarty <Mike McCarty sbcglobal net> wrote:

> Anyone have any suggestions? I sure need some.
> Mike

These are instructions about your chip from the latest alsa driver
snapshot.  That snapshot is available here:


  Module snd-via82xx

    Module for AC'97 motherboards based on VIA 82C686A/686B, 8233,
    8233A, 8233C, 8235, 8237 (south) bridge.

    mpu_port	- 0x300,0x310,0x320,0x330, otherwise obtain BIOS
    setup [VIA686A/686B only]
    joystick	- Enable joystick (default off) [VIA686A/686B only]
    ac97_clock	- AC'97 codec clock base (default 48000Hz)
    dxs_support	- support DXS channels,
		  0 = auto (default), 1 = enable, 2 = disable,
		  3 = 48k only, 4 = no VRA, 5 = enable any sample
		  rate and different sample rates on different
		  [VIA8233/C, 8235, 8237 only]
    ac97_quirk  - AC'97 workaround for strange hardware
		  See "AC97 Quirk Option" section below.

    This module supports one chip and autoprobe.

    Note: on some SMP motherboards like MSI 694D the interrupts might
          not be generated properly.  In such a case, please try to
          set the SMP (or MPS) version on BIOS to 1.1 instead of
          default value 1.4.  Then the interrupt number will be
          assigned under 15. You might also upgrade your BIOS.
    Note: VIA8233/5/7 (not VIA8233A) can support DXS (direct sound)
	  channels as the first PCM.  On these channels, up to 4
	  streams can be played at the same time, and the controller
	  can perform sample rate conversion with separate rates for
	  each channel.
	  As default (dxs_support = 0), 48k fixed rate is chosen
	  except for the known devices since the output is often
	  noisy except for 48k on some mother boards due to the
	  bug of BIOS.
	  Please try once dxs_support=5 and if it works on other
	  sample rates (e.g. 44.1kHz of mp3 playback), please let us
	  know the PCI subsystem vendor/device id's (output of
	  "lspci -nv").
	  If dxs_support=5 does not work, try dxs_support=4; if it
	  doesn't work too, try dxs_support=1.  (dxs_support=1 is
	  usually for old motherboards.  The correct implemented
	  board should work with 4 or 5.)  If it still doesn't
	  work and the default setting is ok, dxs_support=3 is the
	  right choice.  If the default setting doesn't work at all,
	  try dxs_support=2 to disable the DXS channels.
	  In any cases, please let us know the result and the
	  subsystem vendor/device ids.  See "Links and Addresses"

    Note: for the MPU401 on VIA823x, use snd-mpu401 driver
	  additionally.  The mpu_port option is for VIA686 chips only.

    The power-management is supported.

  Module snd-via82xx-modem

    Module for VIA82xx AC97 modem

    ac97_clock	- AC'97 codec clock base (default 48000Hz)

    This module supports one card and autoprobe.

    Note: The default index value of this module is -2, i.e. the first
          slot is excluded.

    The power-management is supported.

				VIA82xx mixer

On many VIA82xx boards, the 'Input Source Select' mixer control does
not work. Setting it to 'Input2' on such boards will cause recording to
hang, or fail with EIO (input/output error) via OSS emulation.  This
control should be left at 'Input1' for such cards.

PCI Cards

For PCI cards, the joystick is enabled when the appropriate module
option is specified.  Some drivers don't need options, and the
joystick support is always enabled.  In the former ALSA version, there
was a dynamic control API for the joystick activation.  It was
changed, however, to the static module options because of the system
stability and the resource management.

The following PCI drivers support the joystick natively.

    Driver	Module Option	Available Values
    via82xx(*1)	joystick	0 = disable (default), 1 = enable

You could also run the script below and post the link or run with option
(I think it is) --with-noupload and post the output so people can see
what your system configuration is.


I don't have that card so it is hard for me to offer any concrete

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