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Re: Ultimate Fedora partition scheme ?

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 5:47 PM, Roberto Ragusa<mail robertoragusa it> wrote:
> Jussi Lehtola wrote:
>> On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 14:38 +0200, Valent Turkovic wrote:
>>> With 120GB available and with this ideas in mind would this partition
>>> scheme work or you have better ideas:
>>> sda1 ; /boot ; 200MB ; ext3 ; fedora boot
>>> sda2 ; / ; 10GB ; ext4 ; root partition for fedora
>>> sda3 ; / ; 10GB ; ext4 ; root for ubuntu (it doens't need extra /boot partition)
>>> sda5; 100GB ; extended partiton
>>> sda6; 20GB ; PV_1 for LVM (LVM physical volume)
>>> sda7; 20GB ; PV_2 for LVM
>>> sda8; 20GB ; PV_3 for LVM
>>> sda9; 20GB ; PV_4 for LVM
>>> sda10; 20GB ; PV_5 for LVM
>> Uhh.. IMHO there is no sense whatsoever to create multiple LVM
>> partitions on a single hard drive. You can manage with a couple small
>> boot partitions, and the rest of stuff on LVM. When the partitions are
>> in LVM, you can resize them whenever necessary.
> Let me give a different opinion on this approach.
> It can be useful; one day you will want to have a "root for mandriva"
> out of any LVM and you will simply kick one of the PV out of
> the VG and turn the partition back to native.
> I know there is pvresize, but I feel better when using pvmove alone
> (which you will probably have to use in any case before pvresize).
> More difficult: I want a 20 GB partition, and I'd like to have
> it near the fastest part of the disk (the beginning). I just
> kick sda6 out of the VG.
> Having more than one PVs has no real disadvantage, so, why not?

I also though a bit more about one PV vs. multiple PV and don't see
any reason not to use multiple, here are some benefits of having
multiple PV:
- if some os (not linux) comes out and I want to test it I can do that
relatively simple (just remove one PV from VG and format that
- same thing if used with linuxes which installers don't work with
LVM, I'm not sure that netbook distros like Moblin work work LVM.

Is there some performance penalty or some other technical reason no to
use multiple PV?

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