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Re: Can't boot Live-XFCE [SOLVED]

Thanks to magic keys, I was able to semi-debug the issue.

Apparently, F11 waits for a device to be mounted to continue at this
point. The script that does this normally prints out this info -- but
apparently the caller dumps it into /dev/null.
In other words, the problem is hidden.

This laptop can boot from the built-in HD, PCMCIA CD or network. No USB
boot (too old).
For whatever reason, PCMCIA CD isn't mounted at this stage of booting
(only at either nash or HAL init).

My solution: copy the contents of the CD to a USB drive and boot from CD
with USB drive plugged in. USB drive will be recognized by the kernel
and boot will continue off there.

Here I hit another small snag: the USB stick is /dev/sdb (HD is
/dev/sda*) because it's a single vfat partition. The init script
(/sbin/real-init) waits for sr*/hd* or something like that because it's
told to look for the CD label. Solution: set root=/dev/sdb in grub.

Now I have finally booted live XFCE, yay!

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