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Re: Unable to boot F11 with multiple drives on system

2009/6/19 Mark Panen <mark panen gmail com>:
> Hi
> I was given the option to put my boot loader on sda1 amongst others
> even though F11 had chosen a PATA drive as default for grub. My other
> SATA drives where also shown.
> Anyway i choose sda1 like it works with another OS and when i rebooted
> F11 after the install i came to the grub prompt.
> The rescue function tells me /sbin/grub-install cannot be found when i
> ran grub-install /dev/sda
> Any help please
> Mark

deja vue

Fedora puts grub in /usr/sbin/grub so grub-install cant find it

Does the sata drive show up on boot (before grub)

I had a problem with my sata, which was attached to a pci card

Occasionally the bios would find it before grub, but mostoften
wouldnt, so the install went fine, but booting was problematic

My solution was to downclock the cpu. Apparently cpu was going to fast
for sata to be recognised. Hope this helps

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