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Re: NM and TKIP

> On Wed, 2009-06-17 at 21:45 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> On Wednesday 17 June 2009 20:18:41 Mike Cloaked wrote:
>> > Anne Wilson-4 wrote:
>> > > Unfortunately under F10 at least it cannot/will not use the saved
>> key.
>> > > It has
>> > > to be manually entered every time, causing delay in making the
>> > > connection.
>> >
>> > This has been working fine for me in F10 ever since F10 GA - and it
>> does
>> > save the key - however this is in gnome. Maybe it does not work in
>> KDE4?
>> >
>> Could be.  I've never got it to use the saved key.
> ----
> you could have fooled me because my laptop on F10/KDE saved the key but
> it is now running F11 so I can't test but I never have had to re-enter
> the key.
Nor do I, though I do have to input my password for the keyring.
Mike Burger

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