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Re: clone

> Hello,
> If I understand correctly, anaconda and kickstart let install a
> machine identically to a previous machine installed with anaconda.
> If the machine has been upgraded by all sort of packages, then the use
> of anaconda is obsolete. Am I correct ? Is there a way to
> rebuild a file which could be used on the 2nd machine, either which
> anaconda or with yum or something else ?

Anaconda is the installation program used by RH/Fedora for the initial

If you've updated the packages on your source machine, you have a couple
of options:

A) Run "yum update" on the newly built system(s) after the kickstart build
has finished.

B) Download the updated packages to your source/install repository, and
let them be installed by the kickstart build process.  If you look at your
kickstart file, you'll note that there are no versions listed...only
package and/or package group names.  As long as all the appropriate
packages are there to satisfy prereq/dependencies, you should be fine.

Mike Burger

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