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Re: networking problem

On Fri, 2009-06-19 at 15:52 +0930, Tim wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 14:40 -0700, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> > I recently added a D-Link wireless router to a network in which
> > everything (except a new netbook computer) is connected by ethernet
> > cables. I also use static addresses. Here's the setup:
> > 
> > DSL modem --> Linksys router --> D-Link router --> wireless netbook
> >                     |
> > 		    -----------> eternetted computers	
> > 
> > Using a browser on the netbook I can access configuration menus for both
> > routers, which seems to indicate that the wireless network was set up
> > correctly and that the cable between the two routers is working.
> I use the same set up, also with a D-link wireless router.  (Not too
> thrilled with it, I think their web configurator is a nightmare.)
> > I cannot access the configuration menu of the DSL modem from the
> > netbook, although I can do this from any of the other computers.
> That's common enough, it stops neighbours reconfiguring your router,
> remotely, by accident (e.g. if you have an unencrypted link), or by
> subterfuge (e.g. if they crack low grade encryption), since it's simply
> not accessible to them.  There's a configuration option on many wireless
> routers about whether the configurator can only be accessed over the
> wired connection.  Generally, this is a good idea.
> On some devices, they come preconfigured to use no encryption and allow
> remote configuration over the wireless connection.  The first time a
> user configures their wireless device, they broadcast all their
> passwords in the clear, for anyone around them to hear.  I make the
> first connection using a cable, then turn off the remote wireless access
> until I've finished securing the device.
> > Consistent with this, I cannot access the Internet from the netbook,
> > either with named or with IP addresses.
> Perhaps that's down to you using static addressing?  On my system, I
> have a central DHCP server, and that tells all devices what the
> addresses and routes are.  But the LAN side of my D-link doesn't seem to
> work with DHCP, I set *it* manually, the rest of my system is automatic.
> If you manually configure a device, you may have forgotten to set a
> route.  If the wireless router is acting as a router, rather than as a
> dumb access point, it may not relay traffic through unless you've
> configured it with a gateway address.
> My D-link has manually set into it:
>   its own address
>   its netmask
>   gateway address (my modem/router's LAN address, it's my gateway to
>                    the ISP)
> I'm guessing that you've missed the last one.  Set your Linksys router's
> LAN IP address as your D-Link router's gateway address.

But where? I must be missing something obvious....

My D-link is a DIR-615. There seems to be only one relevant screen on
the configuration menu for network settings and it has these options:

Router Settings
Router IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Device Name: dlinkrouter
Local Domain Name: SMAssociates
Enable DNS Relay: checked

DHCP Server Settings
Enable DHCP Server: unchecked (this leaves the other options blank)
DHCP IP Address Range:
DHCP Lease Time:
Always broadcast:
NetBIOS announcement:
Learn NetBIOS from WAN:
NetBIOS Scope:
NetBIOS node type:
Primary WINS IP Address:
Seconday WINS IP Address:

The "Advanced" page has entries for a list of virtual services (unused.)
The "Tools" page has password-setting and remote management menus. And
then there's "Gateway Name" which defaults to DIR-615 and doesn't seem
to be the place to put a gateway IP address.

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