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Re: networking problem

Tim wrote:
> If you manually configure a device, you may have forgotten to set a
> route.  If the wireless router is acting as a router, rather than as a
> dumb access point, it may not relay traffic through unless you've
> configured it with a gateway address.
> My D-link has manually set into it:
>   its own address
>   its netmask
>   gateway address (my modem/router's LAN address, it's my gateway to
>                    the ISP)
> I'm guessing that you've missed the last one.  Set your Linksys router's
> LAN IP address as your D-Link router's gateway address.
He is only using the LAN ports on the router. Shouldn't it just pass
along any packet? He is able to access the setup menu on the Linksys
router through the D-link router, so he can access the gateway
address. I suspect that he does not have the proper gateway address
configured on the netbook. He has the netbook configured with a
static address, so he would have had to set the gateway address
(default route) himself, as well as the address of the name server.

One thing we don't know - is the netbook running Windows or Linux.
It makes it hard to know what commands to tell hime to run to check
things. It would be better in this case if the netbook were
configured to use dhcp, and got the information directly from the
Linksys box's dhcp server.

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