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Re: eradicating f11 anacron

On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 09:48:16 -0600
Petrus de Calguarium wrote:

> What's wrong with anacron?

It is pointless stupid and annoying :-).

It constantly picks highly inconvenient times to rerun
cron jobs it thinks it didn't run, but it is almost always
wrong about that because of the way things like the
/etc/cron.daily script are setup.

There are a dozen scripts in there. It runs the daily
job, completing 11 of 'em, then I need to reboot or
there is a power flicker or something. At some random
time, it says to itself "OMG! cron.daily didn't finish,
I'll just rerun all 12 of the scripts again".

I find it much more sensible and convenient to have the
dadgum cron jobs run when they are supposed to run, and if
I take the machine down, it is my problem if they
didn't run and it is up to me to fix (or ignore).

If I erase anacron, I don't have to configure two
crontabs either, just the one, but it is much more
predictable :-).

It used to be simple - I'd just disable the anacron
service, and no more annoying anacron. Now I need
to reconfigure the crontab I used to have.

I hate this new setup :-).

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