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Re: Minimal installation and LXDE

Angel Natan Villegas Vicencio wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was done a minimal installation with fedora 11 on my old vectra 420
> with nvidia card 5200 and after do that, i install lxde but doesn't
> work the X, also try lxde-remix and is the same situation, if someone
> have some possible troubleshoot for this issue,
> Thanks

I installed XFCE live spin on my old laptop. Here's what I had to do to
get LXDE working:
# yum groupinstall LXDE
# vim /etc/sysconfig/desktop
<change content to:>

# init 3
# init 5

(you can reboot instead of the last two)

I've changed from default GDM to XDM (login manager) because GDM crashed
in an odd way whenever I selected a user from the list. Odd way being: X
session stays with cursor & background (and nothing else), GDM opens a
new session with login window.. go figure. This was because of LXDE,
though. Not sure if it's LXDE bug or GDM bug from having 2 desktops


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