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Re: F11 Liveuser Password

"Kevin J. Cummings" wrote

> R. G. Newbury wrote:
> > OK, Now I'm really frustrated.
> > What IS the password for the 'liveuser' user?

>Password?  When the GDM screen comes up, it auto-logins after a short
>wait (less than a minute ISTR). When inside the environment, I can >type "su -" and I'm not asked for a password....

This is the LiveCD-KDE spin. When the login screen comes up it is exactly like a normal KDE login. It NEVER auto-logs.

And NO password works.

> > Of course, there is NOTHING in the release notes.
> > Thanks guys  </sarcastic>

But I repeat myself. This is another example of stupid nanny actions. The damn thing is a LIVECD. It does not NEED a password for the user: it creates the user. Kabuki security revisited ( the prior visitation being that root is denied access to install programs through the browser, although a normal user (acting as an abnormal user) is allowed to do the same thing.)

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