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Re: ease of alpine -> thunderbird migration?

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On 06/19/09 14:30, quoth Robert P. J. Day:
>   i've used pine/alpine email for years, but i figure it's time for a
> change.  should i be worried about just switching to thunderbird?
> obviously, i want to retain my current inbox, mail folders,
> addressbook and ... well, there's not really much more than that.
>   any gotchas i should watch for?

I just "bit the bullet" too. For years I was a loyal pine/alpine user, but now
it's time to move on and I have successfully completed the switchover. In a
conversion of this nature, there are paradigm shifts that are a part of the
problem. i.e., you're not going to find the same functionality called the same
thing in the different systems.

The end result is that there are a few things that I can't do, but I did solve
a lot of the problems, in fact almost all of them. And I also need to add that
of all the people I know, no one uses email with more tricks and backflips
than me.

Part of the solution to getting TB to do exactly what I wanted was vis
configuration, part via addons. In the end, it took a total of 15 addons plus
many mods to prefs.js. Understanding how to get the functionality of alpine
Roles out of TB was quite interesting.

The single best thing I can advise is to spend time reading the TB forums over
at http://forums.mozillazine.org/index.php

Also, I'm happy to help anyone with questions.

As for all the stuff I needed to do to my system that was external to TB, the
only real thing I had to worry about was setting up dovecot. I do run my own
home server with sendmail and alpine was able to access my mail locally. TB
can't do that. It has to access via IMAP. That wasn't bad, but OTOH, I have
not done it for external access and so far I have not had the chance to figure
out how to do that in a secure fashion. (A nice howto for that would be *very*

Overall, I highly recommend TB over alpine because frankly, I need to work
with something that is properly supported. The TB community is prodigious. And
if a client gives me a winbloze laptop to use on a trip, then TB will work
there too.

But you are right, I should give back and doc what I did. I'll look at it in
the next few days on my own wiki.

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