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Re: upgrading & display problem

Beartooth TpBkR wrote:
> 	I've now done several upgrades from F10 to F11, all on machines 
> where F10 was running happily. Three of them are behind the same KVM 
> switch.
> 	Of the three, one is fine; one has a pale, washed-out display, 
> but otherwise is fine; and one can't seem to get a clue to the fact that 
> my monitor is 1680x1050, not 1400x1050 -- so a large part of the screen 
> just sits there black, while everything displayed is crowded together.
> 	I have futzed and tinkered with system-config-display; I even 
> went into /etc/X11/xorg.conf and added the Modes line, telling it only 
> 1680x1050.
> 	I think I'm going to have to shut everything down, take the 
> problem machine off the switch, and re-tinker with all three peripherals 
> connected directly to it -- the way I quit having to do installs 
> and upgrades three or four releases ago.
> 	Is there a less tedious way??
Problem is that KVM switches emulate monitor keyboard and mouse to the
computers. This is because default BIOS settings prevent the computer
from booting if the keyboard/monitor aren't present -- and ps/2 mouse
connectors are generally sucky and don't accept a mouse if it was
plugged in after the computer booted (could be a winderz problem,

Anyway, your KVM switch tells your machine that the monitor resolution
is 1400x1050 and F11 happily obeys (thinking the resolution info is real).

Setting it to 1680x1050 (only, no other resolutions!) in xorg.conf
should normally make it work. You'll need to restart X -- and for that,
you may need to reboot the machine. If you can't reboot, you can change
runlevel to 3 and then back to 5:
# init 3
[... wait a little for console to settle down ...]
# init 5


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