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Re: eradicating f11 anacron

Petrus de Calguarium wrote:
> Tom Horsley wrote:
>> It is easy in cron too
> Since I regularly turn off my computer (whenever I go out, 
> night-time, etc), I feel that the present setup with anacron is 
> best for me.
> A strange cronie/crontab update just now appeared on my laptop 
> (PAE/i586), but not on my desktop (x86_64). It is a file called 
> /etc/sysconfig/crontab.rpmsave. It has the delay variable in it. 
> I suppose I should rename it to /etc/sysconfig/crontab? It 
> doesn't appear to replace /etc/sysconfig/crond nor /etc/crontab.
It is your /etc/sysconfig/crontab from before the update. The new
RPM installed a new crontab, and saved the old one as
crontab.rpmsave. This is common when the new version changed the
configuration file format, and you have made changes to the old
version's configuration file. This lets you transfer the information
to the new format, if you need it. (.rpmsave = backup of old
configuration, new file used. .rpmnew = new configuration file, old
file still being used.)


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