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Re: Minimal installation and LXDE

Am Freitag, den 19.06.2009, 14:59 -0500 schrieb Angel Natan Villegas
> Hi All, 
> I was done a minimal installation with fedora 11 on my old vectra 420
> with nvidia card 5200 and after do that, i install lxde but doesn't
> work the X, also try lxde-remix and is the same situation, if someone
> have some possible troubleshoot for this issue,

If you install from the DVD and just select the LXDE group, you need do
a little bit of configuration manually:

echo “DISPLAYMANAGER=/usr/bin/slim-dynwm” > /etc/sysconfig/desktop
echo “PREFERRED=/usr/bin/startlxde” >> /etc/sysconfig/desktop

The first selects slim as the display manager. This should happen
automatically, but I'm not sure if the bits made it into anaconda for
F11. The second line makes LXDE the default desktop for all users.

Currently there also is a SELinux issue with slim. Slim wants to
access /var/tmp and /var/run but SELinux denies. To see if this is your
problem, you can boot with SELinux disabled by appending "enforcing=0"
to the kernel command line in grub.

However if you installed from the LXDE Remix, I have no idea what the
problem is. The remix does all configuration for you and uses gdm
instead if slim, so it contains none of the sources of error I

> Thanks


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