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imap mailbox stats?


This isn´t a question strictly related to Fedora, even while I run
Fedora 11. I´m asking this here because the likelihood of someone
knowing the answer is greater here than in a web forum.

The problem is this:I need to calculate what kind of messages are
using the most space in an IMAP account, now full with 7 gigs of
I´d like to keep most of the email on-line, I don´t want to bulk-erase
it, but I want to build a script that:

-downloads all message headers (not full body, only subject-date-from-to)
-compiles a statistic that shows for instance:
-messages on the sent folder take up 2.5 Gigabytes"
-messages on the Inbox take 4.4 Gb
-Messages on the draft folder take 0.1 Gb

And then compiles statistics, adding up message sizes on messages sent
to the same destination address (ie mailing lists)
So I can know that
1.5 gigs are emails to fedora-list redhat com
0.5 gigs are mails to ffmpeg-devel
0.3 gigs are mails to mplayer-issues, and so on

The idea of this is to know which messages make more sense to delete
to regain the most possible space.

In other words, I´m looking for some sort of data-mining an IMAP4
mailbox on a remote server, based on message size, sender and
destination address.

Thoughts? Comments?


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