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Re: NM and TKIP

On Friday 19 June 2009 23:55:43 Craig White wrote:
> > I have come to accept that what applies in one setup doesn't necessarily
> > apply in another.  I have things that work perfectly on an F10
> > workstation but not on an F10 netbook.  I'm guessing that there is some
> > difference in software installed, as well as hardware differences, but it
> > can be almost impossible to track down some problems.  Thankfully they
> > seem to get sorted out almost by accident when some other reported bug is
> > being addressed.
> ----
> I think if you create keyrings in GNOME (evolution, NM, other stuff)
> that use the same password as your login, most of this stuff just works
> automatically, even if you use KDE.

Hmm - that could be the difference, then.  I use a more secure password for 
TKIP than for my local login.

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