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Re: Hard Drives not accessible after Update to F11

On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 19:15:51 +0200
Andreas Burget<andiburget gmx de>  wrote:

>  Hi there,
>  I updated my System via Preupgrade from F10 to F11. The update went
>  smoothly but after the reboot the System stopped while booting saying
>  it can't find some drives by their UUIDs. I booted the LiveCD and
>  disabled them in fstab. after that the system booted without
>  problems, but I'm not able to mount my other drives.
>  here's my fstab:http://fpaste.org/paste/15779
>  and here's the fdisk -l output:http://fpaste.org/paste/15780
>  I also tried booting the F10 LiveCD and was able to mount them there.
>  here's the fdisk -l output from F10:http://fpaste.org/paste/15781
>  I hope you can help me fix this

If you run the command   blkid  it will give you the information you
need to put in your fstab in order to access the drives.

Thanks for the hint but that didn't solve my Problem.
blkid only outputs the devices that are already in fstab so there's nothing new for me to add.

my drives are listed in /dev as sdb, sdc, sdd but the partitions are missing. they should be sdb1 sdc1 and sdd2 as seen in fdisk -l output from the F10 LiveCD.
here's my /dev http://fpaste.org/paste/15866

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