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Re: F11: No video -- anaconda or live -- 8800GTX

On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 11:05:29 -0400,
  Jake Peavy <djstunks gmail com> wrote:
> Because of the problems I have experienced, originally I was only able to
> install in text mode, but, as the guy at fedoraforum mentioned, for some
> !&*@&*%$ reason, you don't get to partition the drive when you install in
> this mode and it took the whole volume.

Text installs are now supposed to be sort of an emergency thing and they no
longer have the full range of capabilities of graphical installs.
Maintaining and testing the text mode installs seemed to be a lot of work
for something few people were using.

> So it's been a struggle so far, but I want to repartition.  I could probably
> use gparted but I can't remember if it can resize LVM.
> Or I could re-install, provided I'm somehow able to provide my own xorg.conf
> to Anaconda.
> So is that possible?  Can a user supply a custom xorg.conf to Anaconda?

There is probably some way to do the install without graphics using a
kickstart file. I don't have practice doing this though, and can't give
you much guidance.

Another approach would be to boot a rescue disk and do the partitioning
there. This would still be pretty limited if you need to do a text install
later, but you should be able to keep the whole disk from getting used.

I am pretty sure you can still get a shell in anaconda using a vt. But I
don't think it will work until after you have chosen an install type.
So that probably won't help.

In the long run filing a bug against the nouveau driver is probably the best
thing to do.

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