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Re: imap mailbox stats?

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 11:31 AM, Tony
Nelson<tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:
> On 09-06-20 03:39:40, Fernando Cassia wrote:
>  ...
>> The problem is this:I need to calculate what kind of messages are
>> using the most space in an IMAP account, now full with 7 gigs of
>> stuff.
>  ...
>> In other words, I´m looking for some sort of data-mining an IMAP4
>> mailbox on a remote server, based on message size, sender and
>> destination address.
>> Thoughts? Comments?
> Well, not exactly, but you might look at the server and see how the
> messages are stored.  If they are in mbox files, they're already stored
> as efficiently as possible (unless the mbox'es need purging of deleted
> messages), and you won't be able to learn much by inspection.  If,
> however, they're in separate files as in MailDir format, `ls -lS |
> head` will show the worst offending messages.

Sounds good. Now I need to take find out in which of the data centers
is my GMail account, and then find permission to peek into google´s
servers, then take a plane to the USA.



Another solution, obviously, is for GMail to add in-depth stats and
analysis of the storage space used. Since it's a very CPU expensive
procedure, I doubt that'll ever see the light of day, at least for

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