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Re: this is why I hate changing Fedora versions

On Sat, 20 Jun 2009 14:37:18 -0700
Dave Stevens <geek uniserve com> wrote:

> Apart from Ubuntu, does anyone have a suggestion where else I can
> look to get things working? The system _thinks_ it's working, kplayer
> chugs through Sweet Home Chicago just as if it was doing something
> useful, but no tune.
> Dave
The script below will tell you about the sound configuration of your
system. If you run with the --noupload option, it will put the
information on your local system, else it will upload to a website
and give you a link.  It might show you what is wrong.  And if it
doesn't, you could post the link here so people can see what your
system configuration is as well.


Yes, Madame alsa-info will tell you all.  Does your new video card have
a sound device in it?  Has it displaced your Ensoniq as default
device?  Do you have a modprobe.conf?  Is it setting your Ensoniq as
device 0?  If run as root, Madame will show you even deeper secrets
about your hardware. She sees all, she tells all. Only $20 and your
first born.

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