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Re: F11 fix for sound on Intel HDA machines ?

stan wrote:
> Your drivers are at 1.0.18, and as someone else said there was a lot of
> work done on hda-intel from 1.0.18 to 1.0.20.  You need to update the
> driver package as described earlier in the thread.
Thanks for your help!

I pulled the 1.0.20 alsa RPMs out of testing and rebooted.  That didn't
help immediately, but once I removed pulseaudio everything seems
to be working (Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is playing as I type).

> However, the fact that it was working in F10 means that there is
> probably a model that alsa is able to discover that works for this
> chip, even though not designed explicitly for it.  And in fact there is
> mention of the chip in the code in relation to asus-p5q.  Perhaps the
> documentation just hasn't caught up to the code yet.
Yes, I have an Asus P5Q-VM motherboard.  I didn't think this was that
new -- must be at least a year old now? -- but I guess if the sound
chipsets are changing all the time that's a problem.

I found this overview of sound in Linux (from Slashdot):
so I have a better idea what's happening under the hood now.

> And this really should not exist in asound.conf.  Better that you copy
> it to .asoundrc in your home directory and remove the /etc/asound.conf
> file.  Then the system default will be the alsa default hw:0,0 and you
> will use whatever you set in your .asoundrc when you log in.
Ok, that sounds sensible.  I've saved your message for future reference!

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