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Re: F11 Liveuser Password

On 6/20/2009 10:10 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> David wrote:
> On 6/19/2009 4:16 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> > "Kevin J. Cummings" wrote
>> >
>>> >> R. G. Newbury wrote:
>>>> >> > OK, Now I'm really frustrated.
>>>> >> > What IS the password for the 'liveuser' user?
>>> >>Password?  When the GDM screen comes up, it auto-logins after a
> short wait (less than a minute ISTR).  When inside the environment, I
>>> >> can type "su -" and I'm not asked for a password....
>> >
>> > This is the LiveCD-KDE spin. When the login screen comes up it is
>> > exactly like a normal KDE login. It NEVER auto-logs.
>> > And NO password works.
>> > Of course, there is NOTHING in the release notes.
>> > Thanks guys  </sarcastic>
>> >
>> > But I repeat myself. This is another example of stupid nanny actions.
>> > The damn thing is a LIVECD. It does not NEED a password for the
> user: it
>> > creates the user. Kabuki security revisited ( the prior visitation
>> > being that root is denied access to install programs through the
>> > browser, although a normal user (acting as an abnormal user) is
>> > allowed to do the same thing.)
>> *You are right!!* We should rant! And rave! And get *really, really
>> angry!* Quick! Give me the microphone! So that I can yell the *loud,
>> funny words!*
>> No one else has downloaded this and booted this? No one else has
>> complained? In this much time? Really?
>> The Live-CD KDE boots with out a login screen of any kind here. None
>> at all. It boot right to the KDE desktop.
>> Having a bad day are you?  :-)
> Damn straight I was. And yes, I AM right.  But no ranting required, no
> anger, no microphone or bullhorn demanded. You can yell loud funny words
> if you want.
> But how weird is that YOU get something different? That's a bit of a
> stupidity all on its own. YOU didn't need a password....so why did I? I
> would now assume that it was not intentional...but it shouldn't be
> *possible*. No wonder I was frustrated: there WAS no password which
> would work!!
> I downloaded the Gnome livecd image and used that instead....And yes, it
>  auto-logs and goes to the desktop.
> Geoff

Chill out friend.

Seriously now? All my attempts at humor set aside?  :-)

You had said the you downloaded and 'ran' (whatever) the KDE Live-CD. I
did that this time, I had not done it before, and it did not ask me for
a password. I did it just before I posted so that I might see your
problem. The Live-CD Kde for Fedora 11 did *not* ask *me* for a password
at any time.

I had already tried the GNOME Live-CD and it did/not do the

I really have no idea why you had your problem.

Life is too short to get so upset about such little things friend. Trust
me. Lighten up and you will live longer.

So I gather then that you have solved this problem then? Or not?

Points of interest for you to note.

If / When you have a problem.. ask for help with clear examples. And
answer questions as best as you can. Asking for clarification of their
questions so that you can answer better.

Rants and screams tend to turn people off and turn people away. Most
especially those that know the most and have the answers to your
questions. They do not care to, not have to, deal with rants and raves.

Think.   Flies.   Honey.   Vinegar.

Have a great day? Or evening.


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