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Re: Baffled by a Cable Modem

Sorry about the "no subject" message. I don't know how it happened (except,of course ,carelessness). 

On 06/20/2009 10:38 AM, Jim wrote:

>> What your forgetting is the mac# from a previous device, Computer ,etc,
>> some cable modems will retain that mac # and not connect to any new
>> devices until you clear the old one.

> I thought he had connectivity - just not to all hosts - so this sounds
>like a red herring.

I have been trying to follow this line of trouble shooting, but it think it is above my pay grade.
But I think you are right about the red-herring. I can ping any one I have tried. I think that means my DHCP and DNS are OK.

>Could it be DNS problem?  ... firefox caches dns ... so some cached
>hosts may work
That looks promising. If firefox is cacheing a bad dns, then maybe everything else would work OK except firefox. Maybe, if it cached a google dns, it would work with the google stuff, which it does, but not other sites.
However, I also tried dillo, with the same unable to load result.
I had an idea of how to check this. I booted the problem computer with fc9 Live-CD. (I think that gives me all clean configuration files) and I had the same problem and gmail still worked.

I have connected the ethernet cable out of the modem to my old computer ( fc8). I tried to boot, which went OK, except the modem wasn't found. I then  powered down the modem and the computer, then powered them both up and booted.
It seems to work fine. (Maybe this computer works on saturdays)
To me, it acts like hardware. Next I think I will try putting in an old NIC that I have and see what happens.

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