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Re: Fedora 11: Finally I can ditch XP

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 10:50 AM, Vijay Gill <vijay s gill gmail com> wrote:
Hi all (and thanks to Fedora developers)

With Fedora 11 I can ditch XP (and also Mandriva) which I use for my desktop.

I have been using Linux from 1996/1997 (I am not sure, but one of
those years and it was slackware) and soon moved to RedHat Linux. I
also saw the birth of Fedora and all the concerns it raised. I am glad
to see it has come a long way.

I have a server which has seen upgrades (or fresh installs with
migration of configuration files) from FC1. I will upgrade it to
Fedora 11 soon.

Till now I never saw Fedora as desktop OS and found Mandriva as better
choice. This time I took a different route and installed Fedora 11 on
my desktop (had a partition available) to compare with Mandriva. I
used rpmfusion and now I can use it just like I use Mandriva and have
virtualbox running a copy of XP for development ( I am .Net developer
by profession). The server will definitely follow the suite soon.

So far I always wanted to convince my wife to let me have Linux as
main desktop and if she needs XP (for software like MS-Money, she has
been entering data into it since 2003), she can always run virtualbox,
I have tested my development environment to be quite stable by running
Visual Studio 2008 and also 2010 beta and there is no problem.

So in next few days, I will be migrating my apps and data from XP
(physical partition) to XP under virtualbox.

Long mail but I wanted to share my joy.


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