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Re: Book Readers (E-Books) w.r.t. Fedora Interoperation

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 7:01 AM, jack wallen<jlwallen monkeypantz net> wrote:
Frank Murphy wrote:
Looking for user experiences with e-book readers.
Against maybe buying a 7" netbook for same purpose.

Trying to cut down on space use\Paper book purchases.

well, i got a kindle for father's day. it was given to me a few days ago
and i LOVE it. AND it runs Linux. they are about the same price as a
netbook but your eyes won't start aching after hours of reading.

While the kindle isn't ideal in terms of openness, if you want a
dedicated device for reading ebooks it is very nice in some important
ways. The display is far superior to any LCD based device in my
opinion and if you turn off the wireless the battery lasts an amazing
amount of time. You can download a vast number of ebooks in various
formats from amazon and several other places. If you only want to read
books from Project Gutenberg or other non-amazon choices that is fine
too. The biggest functional weakness of the device as a book reader is
its incredibly limited organizational capabilities.

I've used FBReader for several years on Nokia Internet Tablets
(N770,N800) and have been very happy with it also if you prefer
reading on a smaller display. While the brightness of the LCD does
tire your eyes faster not having to scan left to right compensates to
a degree.

I haven't ever been a fan of reading ebooks on larger displays really
so don't have any useful experience on notebooks or desktops.


I await the delivery of the Plastic Logic reader early next year with baited breath :) http://www.plasticlogic.com/

This device represents a 10x improvement over all other readers in terms of size, weight, energy requirements and flexability.

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