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Re: Fedora 11: Finally I can ditch XP

>> I have no experience with GNUCash are you sure there´s not a way to
>> automagically import data?.
>> Have you asked? Sometimes while an app doesn´t have a function it might be
>> supplied by third party add-ons, utilities, plugins, scripts, etc.
>> There´s also  Moneydance, which is cross-platform and loads MS Money and
>> Quicken files. It is written in Java. I know it works very well.
>> http://moneydance.com/other
>> screenshot:
>> http://moneydance.com/mac_graph_options
>> Cons:
>> it´s closed source.
>> you must pay for it :
> $40 and no yearly fee afaik.

All the tools I have seen so far can import QIF files (and MS-Money
can export data in that format). The only trouble is that in Ms-Money
you can export data for only one category at a time and I have so many
spending/income categories created. I will give it a try. In that case
I will try KMyMoney because I am KDE fan.

Thanks for your time and suggestions. I will try next week-end and
report about my success/failure.


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