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Re: Book Readers (E-Books) w.r.t. Fedora Interoperation

Andras Simon wrote:
On 6/21/09, Patrick O'Callaghan <pocallaghan gmail com> wrote:

OT: I hadn't heard of FBReader, but I just installed it on F11 to have a
look. Before I form an opinion I need to be able to read at least the
introductory text, but it's so garbled as to be illegible (all the
letters are there, but more or less on top of each other). Changing
fonts doesn't make any difference.

I don't have F11, but have no problem with FBReader on F9 and F10.
Maybe you should file a bug report.

Someone on the fedora-india list recently mentioned this:
[screenshots] http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/wiki/Screenshots

This looks like a nice alternative to FBreader plus much more but i haven't tried it yet, since
a. There isn't an rpm for it yet
b. It depends on python-2.6 which is not available for F10 afaict

Maybe someone who has tried it can chip in with their opinion ...

- steve

why procrastinate when you can perendinate ?

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