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Re: Book Readers (E-Books) w.r.t. Fedora Interoperation

On Sun, 21 Jun 2009 09:13:24 -0430
Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

> OT: I hadn't heard of FBReader, but I just installed it on F11 to have a
> look. Before I form an opinion I need to be able to read at least the
> introductory text, but it's so garbled as to be illegible (all the
> letters are there, but more or less on top of each other). Changing
> fonts doesn't make any difference.

There must be something wrong with your installation or your fonts.  I use
FBReader on my F11 computers all the time and there's no problem at all.

Perhaps you need to adjust your font settings.  Go to FBReader's preferences
settings and look under "Format" and "Styles".

> PS It also has the annoying discrepancy between the package name
> (fbreader) and the command name (FBReader, not FBreader, note), which is
> such a cute feature of VMware and several others I could name.

It installs itself in your menu (Main Menu - Office - FBReader) so it's not
difficult to find.  I'm not a wild fan of the new version's icon, but I changed
it to something I like better when I put it on my panel bar.

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