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Re: FC11: gnome-screensaver stop working under fluxbox

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 2:15 PM, Marco Guazzone<marco guazzone gmail com> wrote:
> Dear Fedora users,
> I'm using FLUXBOX as my desktop manager (without GNOME) and
> GNOME-SCREENSAVER as my screensaver program.
> I've noticed that GNOME-SCREENSAVER does not automatically blank the
> screen anymore; it should blank the screen after 5 minutes but even
> after +/- an hour, for instance, the screen is not blanked even if
> GNOME-SCREENSAVER is up and running.
> Trying to query the status of GNOME-SCREENSAVER, I get:
>  $ gnome-screensaver-command -q
>    The screensaver is inactive
>    The screensaver is not inhibited

Just for trying, I've installed xscreensaver and it works under fluxbox.

So I think it is a problem/bug of gnome-screensaver.

Does anyone experienced a similar problem?

Thank you very much!

-- Marco

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