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Re: Fedora 11: Finally I can ditch XP

>> Thanks for your reply.
>> For me, it is easier said than done. If I move to Quicken it is just
>> moving from one closed-source solution to another. And I have not
>> found a way to migrate the Ms-Money data to other OSS apps. I am
>> thinking of writing my own and migrate the data (Ms-Money can export
>> data in the form of reports in XML/CSV format). The only problem is
>> that I do not get time, but one day I will break those shackles too.
>> Vijay

You might want to take a look at nolapro, which is web-based and uses a mysql database. It's written for general business use and might be overkill for home use. It does a variety of import methods and ISTR that CSV is one of them.

Open source and free.


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