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Re: F11 Java Graphics issue - Solved

This was caused by a change in the NVidia video driver as far as I
know, which disabled support for shared memory pixmaps by default.
(This is also the case for EXA/UXA based drivers).

The OpenGL pipeline was never enabled by default, because it causes
frequent problems with bad drivers. In fact it only runs reliable with
the nvidia proprietary driver and even there breaks from release to
release. (The fact that the D3D pipeline works quite flawless on a
broad mix of hw shows how much attention OGL gets these days).

An XRender based Java2D backend is in the works for JAVA7, which won't
be as high performant as the OGL one, but should work on a much
broader field of hardware.

- Clemens

2009/6/19, Ken Bass <kbass kenbass com>:
> On 06/19/2009 04:11 PM, Ken Bass wrote:
>> I just installed a fresh Fedora 11. I am running the NVIDIA driver
>> (Twinview mode, not Xinerama), and an application that worked in the
>> past that uses graphics (draws circles, arrows) now is unusable. When
>> trying to interact with the graphics (drag, etc), the Java task shoots
>> up to 60-90%. The larger I make the window (regardless of the same
>> amount of graphics), the slower Java + xorg is. I went so far as to swap
>> video cards without change (from Geforce 7 to Geforce 8 series).
>> All this stuff worked fairly snappy under Fedora 10 under VMware. For
>> Fedora 11, I have installed natively, and the native environment is dual
>> headed. Does anyone have any pointers on where to look? I can run the
>> glxgears program and get 15000fps or so.
> Adding '-Dsun.java2d.opengl=True' results in snappy
> performance. Apparently since Java 5 (1.5) OpenGL acceleration is turned off
> by default.
> See http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/guide/2d/new_features.html#ogl
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