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Re: Time-switched desktop background?

>>>>> "John" == john wendel <jwendel10 comcast net> writes:

    John> On 06/21/2009 07:23 AM, Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> I can set my screen-saver to display a random picture from my
    >> Pictures folder, and it will keep changing it every few
    >> seconds.
    >> But only when the screen-saver is active - I'd like to do the
    >> same for my desktop background (GNOME).
    >> Is there a way to do this?

    John> Ancient history ...

    John> The programs "xsetroot filename", "xv -windowid id filename"
    John> and "display -window root filename" will put an image in the
    John> root window.

    John> Gnome and KDE don't let you see the root window, they cover
    John> it with a "virtual root window", so these programs don't
    John> work any more. If you can figure out the window id of the
    John> virtual root, you could probably get it working. I'm too
    John> stupid.

    John> Just complaining, don't have an answer.

That's OK. I've just written my own one - it sets the gconf key.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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