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Re: Anyone got F11 NIS working?

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
Tom Horsley wrote:
I installed some fedora 11 virtual machines at work today,
and tried to configure them to use NIS logins, and the ypbind
service always times out when it tries to start.
All the config files I can think of to look at are identical
on my F10 vms and F11 vms, but NIS just don't work on F11
(for me :-). Anyone installed F11 and gotten NIS to work?
Sort of ...

Initially, I was facing similar issues as you.

domain <mydomain> broadcast
to /etc/yp.conf finally got NIS going again.

With FC < 11, this had not been required.

> Both selinux and firewall are disabled on these machines, so
> they shouldn't be the source of the problem.

NetworkManager? I haven't systematically tested my setup with NM, but I have been observing several NIS breaksdowns related to NM, SELinux and gdm interacting.


Hi, I haven't followed all of this Thread but I can confirm NIS works for F11 here. My Particular config is SELinux Disabled (Note that with NIS there is a difference between disabled and permissive) and I believe I was seeing what you see when I was using NetworkManger to control networking when a system booted it couldn't bind to a ypserver until I logged in and restarted the service. I tried experimenting with when yp started and even added a line to rc.local to restart the service. This made no difference.

I then tried reverting to the network service rather than NetworkManager and things started working as I expected.

I hope this helps :)

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