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Re: Anyone got F11 NIS working?

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 5:34 PM, Clint Dilks <clintd scms waikato ac nz> wrote:
Hi, I haven't followed all of this Thread but I can confirm NIS works for F11 here.  My Particular config is SELinux Disabled (Note that with NIS there is a difference between disabled and permissive) and I believe I was seeing what you see when I was using NetworkManger to control networking when a system booted it couldn't bind to a ypserver until I logged in and restarted the service.  I tried experimenting with when yp started and even added a line to rc.local to restart the service.  This made no difference.

What's the difference between disabled vs permissive for NIS?  I'm using NIS, and running on SELinux permissive and it works fine.  If a NetworkManager network isn't set up to automatically connect to a network and have it configured as "Available to all users" (i.e. a systme wide network setting) the NIS service will time out when ypbind tries to bind and fail, which makes sense because during boot, there's no network address.  If you log in, allow NetworkManager to connect, then run ypbind it'll work because you actually have a network for ypbind to search for it's server on.

So simple solution, as your user enable "connect automatically" and "available to all users" in the network manager configuration and it should work.  Another problem may be if for some reason the ypbind service starts before the network manager service.

If that doesn't work for you, then I'd suggest you disable network manager completely, and use the old system-config-network network configuration, as that should create a system wide network profile that is activated upon boot.  With Fedora 10, I had to do that as I was never able to get system wide networkmanager profiles working.


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