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Re: ease of alpine -> thunderbird migration?

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On 06/19/09 17:35, quoth Steven W. Orr:

> But you are right, I should give back and doc what I did. I'll look at it in
> the next few days on my own wiki.

Ok. This is a first cut. I'll try to refine it, especially if people ask me
questions that I can just add to the page.


I was thinking about putting on my wiki, but this really isn't about what
experiences other people have had. This is what I learned to get it working
for me.

If you like it then you can buy me a beer. Not one of those "virtual beers";
just the ones that actually taste good. Preferably a Guinness with a shamrock
on the top. ;-)

In addition, I'm using of TB because that's what came with F10, and
the fact that mail is sort of crucial for me. But now I'm hearing that 3.2?
Beta has been out for a loong time and I'm wondering if it's safe to use or
will it cause all the magic blue smoke from my machine to leak out. Maybe I
should give it a blast?

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