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Re: NM and TKIP

> On Friday 19 June 2009 23:55:43 Craig White wrote:
>> > I have come to accept that what applies in one setup doesn't
>> necessarily
>> > apply in another.  I have things that work perfectly on an F10
>> > workstation but not on an F10 netbook.  I'm guessing that there is
>> some
>> > difference in software installed, as well as hardware differences, but
>> it
>> > can be almost impossible to track down some problems.  Thankfully they
>> > seem to get sorted out almost by accident when some other reported bug
>> is
>> > being addressed.
>> ----
>> I think if you create keyrings in GNOME (evolution, NM, other stuff)
>> that use the same password as your login, most of this stuff just works
>> automatically, even if you use KDE.
> Hmm - that could be the difference, then.  I use a more secure password
> for
> TKIP than for my local login.

Not quite the same thing, Anne.  The password he's referring to is the
keyring app, not the actual TKIP key.  The TKIP key would be stored in the
keyring app...the password that he and I refer to is for the keyring app,
itself.  He's suggesting that if your login password and your password for
the keyring app are the same, then you may not be prompted for the keyring

Might you have been prompted, Anne, to save the key in the keyring, but
opted not to do so, earlier on when you first set up the wireless
networking on your system?

Mike Burger

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