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Re: Book Readers (E-Books) w.r.t. Fedora Interoperation

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009 16:36:58 -0430
Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

> 1) The screenshot shows what I get with the line spacing set at 2.0, the
> maximum available. At the default setting it's even worse.

Have you tried a different font?  On mine I'm using MS Times New Roman, size
14, line spacing 1.2.  And it looks great.

> 2) Line spacing is a measure of the vertical height between the base
> line of letters on succesive lines. In conventional typesetting, the
> default value is slightly greater than the cap height of the font,
> meaning the text should be legible without changing anything.

On my system, the text was perfectly fine before I changed the settings.  I
can't remember what the default font and size was, but it was legible and not
overwritten like the example you posted.

Have you tried removing ~/.FBReader to see if it solves itself on a clean

What does the Style group in ui.xml have to say?  Here is mine:

 <group name="Style">
    <option name="Base:fontFamily" value="Times New Roman"/>
    <option name="Base:fontSize" value="14"/>
    <option name="Base:lineSpacingPercent" value="120"/>

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