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Re: Problem mounting NTFS partitions in gnome automatically

On 6/24/09 8:46 AM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Gijs wrote:
I recently upgraded from F10 to F11 and after I did this, Gnome stopped
mounting my NTFS partitions automatically.

If those are non-removable partitions, it's a bug that it did mount it
automatically before. It's supposed to be allowed only with the root
password. The right way to configure non-removable partitions is to enter
them in /etc/fstab, then they'll get mounted right at boot time as they're
supposed to.

        Kevin Kofler

Hmm yea. I guess I already had typed my root password in somewhere when I used gnome-mount. Because gnome-mount didn't ask me for any password when I tried mounting my NTFS partitions.

Guess that's solved then. Thanks ;)

For the ones that don't want to fiddle around in /etc/fstab, a tool called "ntfs-config" does that for you.

Regards, Gijs

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