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Re: this is why I hate changing Fedora versions

Quoting Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>:

Dave Stevens wrote:
and I thought that since my ATI1600 video card was being dropped by ATI,
maybe I had better upgrade. Then when I install the Sapphire 4770 card I
will get updates

Uh, the X1600 works just fine (with 3D support, since Fedora 9 updates) with
the Free Software drivers which are actually IN Fedora, there's no reason
to "upgrade" to a HD4770 which requires the proprietary driver for 3D.

        Kevin Kofler

yes, the upgrade is driven also by the huge potential increase in processing power, 600+ shaders vs. 16, 45 nm tech, low power and dvi support as well. I think the 3D support for the 4770 will come along, ATI seems to be pretty consistently playing nice with the community.


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