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Re: Change Machine, No Sound (longish)

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:
I use an old but working version of Fedora.

Your ancient version (ALSA library 1.0.3a? WTF??? The oldest still supported
release is Fedora 9 which has 1.0.17 in updates!) is no longer supported,
you have to upgrade. You can't expect to get help for unsupported releases.

I "expect" nothing. I asked for some help, and I'm getting some.

Most likely the ancient ALSA in the obsolete release you're using simply
does not support your current hardware. That's no wonder.

The "new" hardware is a several years older machine than the one that
worked, and certainly older than the ALSA release.

Time to upgrade.

Non sequitur, I think.

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