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Re: kde-4.2

On Sunday 01 March 2009, Craig White wrote:
>On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 00:17 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> I discovered about 2 hours ago that the updates repo in yum.repos.d was
>> not enabled by the f10 upgrade, so I have been trying to pull in some of
>> the updates, but because of clashes I had to remove of some 4.1.2 stuff.
>> And I have now lost the kde menu at the left end of the taskbar.  If and
>> when I get it all updated, will that come back on an x restart?  Or has
>> some new thingy replaced it?
>you can always add it back it...it's a widget
>> FWIW, Akonadi refuses to start, and when attempting to read the rest of
>> the error list it shrinks to about half height for each click on the
>> scroll bar until it all goes away, so I still don't have a good idea as to
>> what its missing.
>probably need to get the rest of the updates installed

They are pretty well by now Craig, maybe a dozen packages I don't have a use 
for.  I got the kmenu thing back, but how can I move it to the left end of the 
bar where it belongs, I don't seem to have found that bit of magic poo yet.


Cheers, Gene
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